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How to get high-paying clients EASY

Are you tired of working for peanuts? Is writing blog posts costing less than a hamburger making you depressed? Are you slowly losing faith in freelance writing, looking to get back into a cubicle somewhere?

Why do I sound like those annoying telecommercials?

Well, you can get answers to all these messages, and more, if you call the number below, right now! And we’ll also include a scalp-massaging brush, too (no batteries included).

But seriously, you can move away from those content mills clients with miserable pays into a well-paying world, where you’ll feel appreciated and where your work can really make a difference.

The answer to the question how do I find good-paying clients easy is simple: YOU DON’T.

Do you think it was easy for the editor-in-chief of, say, The Telegraph, to get to where he is today? Do you think it was easy for Jeremy Clarkson to get where he is today, writing for The Sunday Times and The Sun?

No? Of course not! So why would it be easy for you? There is no such thing as easy money, and in writing, especially freelance writing, there is no difference.

There are three major aspects you need to keep in mind:

You’re a nobody

If you’re reading this, I’ll take a wild guess and say that you’re no celebrity, no CEO of a million-dollar company, and no expert with 20 years of experience in any field in particular. You’re just some regular bloke, sitting in some distant corner of the world, trying to turn your passion into a living. And that’s perfectly fine, and you can achieve great things – freelance writing IS all that you think it is.

It’s just – people don’t know you, therefore they don’t want to pay you big money for your writing. You need to build your image and credibility, and that takes time. It takes a hell of a lot of time and effort. Hundreds of articles published, possibly in a single industry, years of experience, and possibly a big break or two, where your article gets featured somewhere.

Only after that can you demand from your clients to be paid more for your work and, well, should I put it in these words – get away with it.

The second major aspect is:

People are investing in you

Your clients are not just paying you to write – they’re investing in content, and they’re looking to invest as little as possible, and get as much back as possible. That’s just how the business world works, it’s nothing personal. And you should approach it with that attitude. Everyone will try to pay as little as possible, to get you to write quality content. It’s up to you to be brave and bold and negotiate a dignified price.

And finally, the third and last aspect is:

Nobody knows how much it costs

People hiring writers don’t know how much it costs. That can be both a good thing, and a bad one, depending on the perspective. But whatever the price you say, always expect the first answer to be „wow, I didn’t know that costs so much“. Try to be respectful and explain that, as a freelancer, you must also pay your taxes, health insurance, pension, and all other expenses usually covered by the employee’s company. Freelance writing should not be cheap, but getting a decent price will not come easy.

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