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Five reasons you should try e-learning

The world is changing so fast that if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on, you could go to a public restroom one day and not know how to open the faucet. With new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and cryptocurrencies, or Artificial Intelligence (AI), the idea of continuous learning has never been more prevalent.

But we can’t be in school our entire lives, right? Unless you’re 12, you probably don’t have time for school any more. Hey, those bills ain’t gonna pay themselves. So what do you do when you get stuck between a clear need to constantly be educated, and a serious lack of time to do so? You turn to e-learning platforms, like Beno Vision.

In this article, we’ll go through five biggest benefits of e-learning, and why you should consider it today.


It’s flexible

If you want to learn programming, you probably won’t need advanced mathematics, which is something many traditional education institutions do. With e-learning you get to learn just the skills you need in order to tap into any industry of your preference. It also allows you to re-do courses as much as you want.


It delivers fast

You want to start Monday? Too bad! With traditional education systems, you’ll need to wait until September to start your education, and you’ll probably be stuck for a few years before you can hang that diploma above your desk. With e-learning systems, you can start whenever you’re ready. Have that cool new job opportunity in six months? Not a problem. Got repositioned and need to learn a new skill? Right this way, sir.


It’s cheap(er)

Courses are delivered faster and easier, and that alone makes e-learning cheaper than traditional education systems. It’s usually shorter, which also helps bring the costs down. Trainers, education materials, those are all cheaper, not to mention not having to pay for travel or accommodation.


It’s more effective

There’s something about focused learning provided through e-learning courses that makes people have a better attitude towards learning. Case studies have shown that people rolled into e-learning courses tend to have improved test scores, higher pass percentages, and are capable of applying and scoring more jobs.


It’s scalable

Traditional education systems often force people to stick around for a long time, learn a bunch of unnecessary stuff, while knowledge that really matters often ends up at a beginner’s level. Another advantage of e-learning is that it’s scalable, simply and effectively. If you want to add a new course, you can do so at any time. If you’re feeling you’re being overwhelmed and want to pause a course while you focus on finishing another one, you can do so at any time.


Closing comments

It’s crystal clear that in today’s society, our education does not stop when we finish college. Instead, we will be learning new skills and competencies until our very last breath. Traditional education systems fail in that respect, because they often teach unnecessary skills and waste too much of our time and money. E-learning has imposed itself as the better alternative. It allows people to learn what they want, when they want it, and in scales they require. The future of education lies in e-learning, and the future is bright, indeed.

Image Credit: Flickr / Per Gosche


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